Antiques Dealers Providing Exclusive Offers During Woodbury Restaurant Week

Members of the Woodbury Antique Dealers Association are offering a 10% discount on purchases in conjunction with Woodbury Restaurant Week, which will be held from March 19-25, 2018.

The participating antiques dealers are: Abrash Galleries, Antiquario Villas and Cottages, Charles Haver Antiques, Country Loft Antiques, Douglas Samaha Oriental Rugs, Madeline West Antiques, Martell and Suffin Antiques, Monique Shay Antiques, and Wayne Mattox Antiques.

The discount will be unlocked if the customer shows the antiques dealers their Woodbury Restaurant Week stamp card, which they will receive when they dine at one of 14 participating Woodbury restaurants.

“The program is simple. Each time someone visits a participating restaurant during the week, they will receive a stamp on a special card,” explained Tim Parry, editor and publisher of, the principal organizer of Woodbury Restaurant Week. “Some of these restaurants are planning to use the card to offer a meal discount on a next visit, and many of the small businesses in town are offering discounts during Woodbury Restaurant Week if you present your stamp card while in their shop.”

Additionally, several shops in Woodbury are offering incentives with the presentation of the stamp card.  A full list of participating merchants is on the Woodbury Restaurant Week website, including their exclusive offers.

For complete details about Woodbury Restaurant Week, and all the associated promotions and events, visit or email

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