Get the Stamp Card: Your Key to Discounts and Deals!

Dine at any of the 14 participating restaurants during Woodbury Restaurant Week and you’ll receive your Woodbury Restaurant Week Stamp Card!

Every time you dine during Woodbury Restaurant Week, you’ll earn another stamp. Every stamp earns you a raffle ticket at Woodbury Brewing Company’s Woodbury Restaurant Week closing party on March 25! Prizes include merchandise from local shops, and additional raffle tickets will be made available for sale. Proceeds will benefit the Woodbury Food Bank!

But that’s not all!

Your Woodbury Restaurant Week Stamp Card is your key to discounts and deals! 9 members of the Woodbury Antique Dealers Association are offering a 10% discount on purchases in conjunction with your Woodbury Restaurant Week Stamp Card.

And at least 13 of Woodbury’s small shops are offering discounts to card-holders as well!

Come dine in Woodbury March 19-25, and stay for the just desserts!


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