Promotions and Special Events Tied-in to Woodbury Restaurant Week Menu

As part of Just Woodbury’s Woodbury Restaurant Week, many local businesses are offering discounts and other promotions with the presentation of a stamped Woodbury Restaurant Week dining card.

The cards, which a diner will be given on their first visit to a participating restaurant, will receive a stamp each time they visit one of the 14 restaurants taking part in Woodbury Restaurant Week.

Nine members of the Woodbury Antiques Dealers Association are offering a 10% discount when a stamped diner card is presented: Abrash Galleries, Antiquario Villas and Cottages, Charles Haver Antiques, Country Loft Antiques, Douglas Samaha Oriental Rugs, Madeline West Antiques, Martell and Suffin Antiques, Monique Shay Antiques, and Wayne Mattox Antiques.

Additionally, many of the small shops in Woodbury are participating with the stamp card program. The Ruby Tree, Shop Cathy B, The Joanna John Collection, Woodbury Pewter, Woodbury Floral Design, Canfield Corner Pharmacy, The Red Barn Thrift Shop, Soulbury, and The Garden are all offering promotions with the presentation of a stamp card.

Also, on March 22, from 4:30 to 7pm, the Middle Quarter Shops, Maison St. Germain, Jewelry Café Artist Co-op, Rustic Charm, and Woodbury Music Shop, are hosting a “Happy Hour,” with each store offering a different promotion. Specific offers by these shops can be found on the restaurant Week website,

Among the special events planned for Restaurant Week, the Glebe House Museum & Gertrude Jekyll Garden will hold an open house on Saturday, March 24. The Grounded Goodwife, Velya Jancz-Urban, is holding a “Get to Know Our Ghosts” tour at her Woodbury farmhouse at 2:30 on March 24. Presentation of a stamp card earns a sample of “Great Granny McWilliams’ Spring Tonic.” Other special events are in the works, and will be added to the website as they are announced.

The highlights of special Woodbury Restaurant Week events will take place at Woodbury Brewing Company. On the afternoon of March 18, a kick-off “Meet the Restaurants” event will take place, affording guests an opportunity to mingle with some of the participants of the week’s events. And, on March 25, a closing party at Woodbury Brewing Company starts at 4pm. Each stamp on a diner’s card earns tickets for a raffle of items provided by Woodbury Restaurant Week participants. Additional tickets will be available, with proceeds being donated to the Woodbury Food Bank. Entertainment and specials will be available at both events.

The 14 participating restaurants are: Al’s Best Pizza, Carlito’s of Woodbury, Carole Peck’s Good News Café, The Charcoal Chef, Constantine’s, The Curtis House Inn, John’s Café, Market Place of Woodbury, The Olive Tree, Papa’s Main Street Deli, San Remo, The Split Rail, The Woodbury Brewing Company, and The Woodbury Diner.

For complete details about Woodbury Restaurant Week, and all the associated promotions and events, visit their website,, their Facebook page, or email

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